2018 year of the Wren.  Well it is in our house.  I needed a close to home project that I can take with me whereever I go birding.  What better than the Wren to do this.  Inspired by seeing a new Wren species in 2017 -Carolina I started to show more interest in ours when we got back.

I am not sure what this will entail but I was not sure what the geographically based one -Newcastle/Gateshead would lead to in 2015.  That proved to be really enlightening both about the birds in the 10km square but also about my attitude to birding.

MorethanKittiwakes based on the10km square NZ26 was a 2015 ‘sabbatical’ from my patch.  By January 3rd I thought it was a bad idea.  The dog poo, the noise, missing the countryside were all going to be too much.  I wanted to be back.  Then I found a Kingfisher in Team Valley and I realised while this was going to be difficult, the unexpected rewards were going to be surprises.  Some were genuine surprises -Jack Snipe, Goshawk and Redstart.  These were never on a list of likely finds.  It was almost like seeing the bird for the first time.  Out of context birds, like the Stonechat in Gosforth, Eider on the Tyne and Wheatear by Gateshead College, all raised the pulse.

Curlew is rapidly heading for crisis in the UK.  Curlewsfeathers represents the ephemera of seeing our world slip through the holes in our plastic bags.  The aim is to improve my writing, but in so doing it may get a bit weirder before it gets better.

Header Photo by Barry Madden of EasternBushchat fame.


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